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It's so important to get PE right at primary level as many pupils will go to secondary school having already decided in their minds if they do or don't like PE. As specialist PE coaches our high energy lessons ensure that every child can engage with their learning and we can inspire them to progress from natural enjoyment into healthy active lifestyles.


We aren't the only ones trying to raise standards of PE in School. Currently the government has ring fenced £320 million for primary sport and physical activity in 2019-20. We offer the following services to help aid schools to have the biggest impact possible.

Team Teaching PE (1:1 CPD)

This is the most sustainable way to impact PE across a school. By working directly with teachers we can we together to bring new ideas, fill gaps in subject knowledge, increase confidence in teaching PE. Together we plan a skeleton plan for the terms PE lessons and agree upon set 'All, Most, Some' learning objectives for the class. Across the term the coach transitions from lead coach into assistant coach and finally mentor to ensure the teacher gets hands on experience of putting all the new ideas and confidence into practice knowing a professional is on hand to support them.

PPA Cover

Fitting 2 hours of PE into each classes curriculum is not easy with so many other pressures on schools. Our PPA Cover service gives teachers confidence that their class are in safe hands and receive a high quality PE lesson whenever we visit. 

Leadership Sessions

Leadership opportunities are plentiful in secondary school and preparing for this with current Year 5/6's can have huge benefits for the individuals and also the younger pupils they lead activities for. The effect of developing a culture of 'Playleaders' in your school everyone can benefit. Break and Lunchtimes provide the perfect environment for the older children to take their first steps in developing their leadership skills and in turn the younger pupils begin to see these leaders and role models.

Stretch and Support (Focus Groups)

By scheduling small group sessions with those pupils at either end of the ability spectrum you can re-engage with those who feel the most/least comfortable with a standard PE lesson. A 'Stretch' session would look to challenge those who are used to finding physical activities "easy". Whereas  in a 'Support' group we work hard to create a positive environment without fear of failure that often creeps in when working in larger groups. 

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